Friday, March 6, 2009

Anti-virus gaming edition?

Symantec just released Norton Gaming Edition, an anti-virus meant to protect gaming computers, by not slowing them down as much as regular anti-viruses, and by scanning online gaming for virus propagation.

Nothing wrong with their product, per se, except that the whole concept of an anti-virus is fundamentally wrong - instead of fixing the fundamental security problems which plague the vulnearable OSs (which IS possible, otherwise other OSs would have the same problem) or in the online games themselves, they create a separate, paid app to tell you that you're screwed when those vulnerabilities are exploited. This made sense in old OSs like DOS which had no way to protect against this (no protected mode code execution, for instance), but nowadays, it's just plain dumb.

The main reason why people accept this is that they've been educated by the industry in general to accept it - it's not taken as something absurd like it shold, but rather as a natural consequence, that a computer can get a virus just like someone can get a flu, and most people never even question it.

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